Bedside Bartender

An adult nightlight that tells you generated bedtime stories so that you don't have to go to a bar yourself.





This project was created as a part of Designing the Absurd's Absurd Hotel assignment:

A collection of projects designed as a cohesive series for an imaginary "Absurd Hotel". Each product is a particular item a guest might encounter when spending the night, such as slippers, clothing hangers, nightlights, and more!

Every piece was designed with the same brief of materials to maintain cohesion of the brand: white oak, white acrylic, white paint, malachite paint, and stainless steel.

Inspired by the works of Kenya Hara (原 研哉) and Kenji Kawakami (川上 賢司), this Absurd Hotel hopes to delight and entertain all their guests.

For our output, Sam Heckle and I created Bedside Bartender:

Our initial idea was to create a solitary drinking experience, which then evolved into a multi-person drinking experience. We wanted to enhance the intimacy of being in a bar, which is already an inherently intimate setting. The problem we kept running into was trying to gamify it, which does not necessarily imply an absurd design. We focused too much on the way to achieve the feeling of being connected with another person.


If we flipped that idea around, what if we removed the other person from the picture?

What if we removed the whole bar from a design intended to augment the bar experience?

What if we brought the bar experience to you?

What if you didn’t want to go out, but still felt obligated to tell your friends you did?

So, how can we create the bar experience from your own bed?


The Adult NightLight™️


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