Remote Controlled Chindogu


Do you need sunglasses? Do you need reading glasses? Are you constantly switching back and forth between sunglasses and reading glasses, how tiring, what a shame. Fortunately for you, we’ve developed an alternative vision system which can be controlled wirelessly so it never needs to leave your face. Having gone through a variety of iterations we have finally landed on a bright new design thats ready for your face right now.

We’ve developed an IR remote to allow you control your vision – or have your vision controlled from meters away! Incased in plastic and running on two 9 volt batteries, our energy conscious model will run for hour, and is strapped to your face via Nylon braces. The electronics are encased in the back, and are out of sight and mind.


Look directly at the Sun! Our glasses can handle it! Are you ready not only to be the talk of the town, but to see the sun like never before? Our Beta model may be only be using 1/8th inch acrylic but we have big plans to revolutionize the way people engage with the sun, keeping their eyes safe all while soaking up that valuable vitamin D. Don’t get left out, the Sun’s energy is not just for turtles anymore, not if we have anything to say about it.


Our ergonomic Remote will have you saying “is there even a remote in my hand.” There is, but it’s designed so thoroughly with the body in mind that it might as well be an extension of you! Never let it leave your hand! We’ll keep you posted with all of our updates as we change the way the entire human race looks at the fireball in the sky.